A downloadable game for Windows

This is a sort of top down shooter of Nyan Andy dodging rocks in space.

Nyan Andy is based on Andyjackel, a youtuber and a friend of mine. I made him a nyan version of him as a joke (based on Nyancat). Then I was messing around with code, and made a game using his character. It's pretty simple, but i'm happy with the game, and i'm mostly putting this up to figure out how exporting a game works.

Update 0.4

-There is now a score multiplier! Starting at 1000 points and every 2000 points after there will be a bubble at the bottom of the screen that will double your points for 10 seconds!

Update 0.3

-You can now press left/right in menus to change characters to Nyan Spaceman

-Every 1000 points rocks stop coming and lasers will come from the top of the screen

-rock top speed lowered

-death animation has been sped up

-the player will now fly upward upon death if on top half of the screen

-menu changes

Update 0.2

-added saved high scores so if you play multiple times you know your old high score

-added a congratulations message every 1000 points

-death screen now mentions what your most recent score was

-changed the rock textures

-stars start slower but move faster the higher your score is

-darker background so Andy pops out more

Update 0.1

-player can move with the arrow keys

-Can press up to start the game

-Rocks come from the right and kill player on contact

Install instructions

Download the file and run. The first time will need to setup, but it's a very small game so it won't take long.


Nyan Andy.exe 4 MB


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This game is super hype :XD