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Monster tamer is an idle game where you collect monsters and they generate money to buy more monsters. The spirit of capitalism, without the hard work! Just start the game and let it run in the background to build your monstrous collection.

Made using Gamemaker Studio.


-Game autosaves and loads save upon opening the game

-When you buy the most expensive current monster you unlock a new more expensive monster

-Two different lines of dialog can appear when you hover over the buy portraits

-Buying monsters will create up to ten sprites in the zoo that will mindlessly walk back and forth

-Reset button to wipe the save and start over

-Left clicking on the zoo screen will produce 1 gold

-Gold production, current gold, and all-time gold are recorded and shown on the buy screen


-Make better sprites and proper animations.

-Add sound effects

-Show production of individual monster groups

-more complicated monster ai?

-more monster types?

-Scrolling through list of monsters?



Install instructions

Download and run the .exe file. The first time will take a little time to setup, but it's a very small game so it won't take long.


Monster Tamer.exe 2 MB

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