All updates up until 1.03

Update 1.03 (This is a big one)

-Background music and sounds! Also i added a credits page, mostly to credit the guy who made the background music. If you want to download it yourself here:

-Nine new levels, all based around a new switch mechanic! If you play them all, please leave some feedback on them in the comments because i don't have anyone to playtest these but myself.

-Also got rid of level 8 and 5 and replaced them with the old bonus level and a completely new level. On top of that a few of the levels got minor changes.

-Added music and sound switches in the options menu

-Added an options menu in the levels 

-Added a close game button

-Changed the Starting Screen to have the game's name

-Added an icon to the game so we aren't using the gamemaker logo

Update 1.02

-The tutorial text gave you instructions to click twice when only one click was needed. That's confusing, and i've changed it. It  bothered me so much i've got a whole update for it.

Update 1.01

-The screen for the game is larger

-Selector Square to clarify where objects are placed

-New menu and button colors

-Four new levels and old ones have been adjusted

-Tutorial text added for level one

-Autosave! The game now saves your progress after each level

-Bug fixed where the first back button wouldn't work


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Jul 20, 2017

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